About Security Seals

Plastic seals are manufactured utilizing totally different types of plastic material and are mainly used as an indicator of tampering or unauthorised entry. The design of the plastic seals allows a visual detection, whether a manipulation try or a theft has taken place. As a damaged plastic safety seal signifies tampering, they are frequently referred to as indicative seals.

There are different classes of plastic security seals however they are primarily designed as adjustable length seals (also called variable size seals or pull-tight seals), fix-size seals, padlock seals or tote box seals. Depending on the application, type of container that must be sealed and requirements on the security level, a type of plastic seal is better for the purpose as the others. Typical applications are, for example, bags, trolleys for the airline and catering sector, boxes, drums, roll cages, etc.

Often the plastic safety seals might be custom-made with a buyer logo and their uniqueness is guaranteed due to the distinctive numbering and barcode.

The totally different colors available for the plastic safety seals permit not only a personalization of the seal but additionally may ease the customer’s logistic processes.

Security Seal made of metal

Metal band /Metal Clip seals
manufactured from a metal materials are generally used to provide barrier protection.
Bolt seals
provide the highest stage of barrier protection and are manufactured in metal elements that are designed to fit together through a locking mechanism.
Cable seals
include a metal cable which is fixed at one finish into the locking mechanism of the seal body.
Re-usable Security Seals
Re-usable seals encompass a principal re-usable body which may be sealed with a single use seal.

Electronic seals
Electronic seals are typically reusable. Generate a singular time, date and number each time the seal is closed and opened. Register and document all sealing and opening events.

Tamper Evident Labels
Tamper Evident labels could be physically stuck to a surface and provides the user the option of leaving a residue, disintegrating, and/or displaying an indication of tried removal or tampering.

About Security Seals
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